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YTILI Program Frequently Asked Questions



Am I required to use the EuroPass CV format?
Do I get to choose what city I would be based in for the U.S. Fellowship?
Do you require that the two years of professional experience be at the same company?
Does the application have to be completed in English?
How do I troubleshoot creating an account/logging in after receiving an error message?
How is the YTILI Fellowship Program addressing the impact of COVID-19?
I travelled to the U.S. a long time ago and don’t remember the dates. Can I still apply?
I have participated in a previous exchanged program sponsored by an organization in the U.S. Am I eligible to participate as a YTILI Fellow?
If I am employed with a company, do I need their permission to apply?
If I am selected as a YTILI Fellow can I defer my award?
If I applied in 2021 and was not selected, can I apply again?
Is my family able to travel with me?
Other Eligibility
Professional Experience
What is covered as part of my fellowship experience?
What is the application process and selection timeline?
What is the time commitment of the fellowship?
What is the visa process for this program?
What types of cities participate in the program?
Who can I contact about program advice?
Who do I contact for information regarding the program?
Who is eligible to apply?

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